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About Us

Our Philosophy

The Preservation Collaborative believes that every building has a life. Throughout that life, they change, bending to the needs and desires of their occupants. For centuries, they have silently provided us shelter from the elements; have become a refuge for memories, and have become treasured family/neighborhood keepsakes. In return, we have become the shepherds; we guide our buildings through the ages. Recently, and all too often, however, the embroiled battle with time leaves our most valuable heirlooms in constant need of upkeep. Weary of tiresome repairs, maintenance and inconvenience, shepherds turn to poor alternative choices, even abandonment, as a source of relief.

Our team is comprised of award winning design professionals with decades of experience, assembled to provide clients with alternative options for their most valued asset. We have worked with our consultants on multiple projects; they share our design philosophy and our devotion towards sensitive improvement. Our projects range from small residential and commercial additions/renovations, to full scale historic resource management for large museums. We offer our extraordinary knowledge and diverse background for the benefit of our customers. Let our firm help assist you in realizing your dreams. Contact us today!

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Ryan D. Hayward - Company President

Ryan D. Hayward serves as the President of The Preservation Collaborative. He holds a Bachelor of Design Studies - Historic Preservation Degree from the Boston Architectural College. His love for history and passion for preservation has made his work a brilliant mixture of design, while maintaining traditional New England style. Work has included buildings of every shape and size from the First Period through the modern.

He enjoys spending time throughout the New England Region, in particular: Mount Desert Isle, Maine. His many hobbies include re-enacting with the Stow Minuteman Company and photography. In the summer, he volunteers at the Isaac Royall House as a tour guide, as well as performs numerous lectures at regional organizations.

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Staff and CollaboratorsDee Morris - Dee is a published social historian with twenty years experience in educational lectures and walking tours. She is known for her talent of brining history to life in rich and vibrant ways. Her business, The History Connection, is a frequent collaborator with our firm.

Tanya Perry - Tanya is our firm's resident photographer. She brings out the best of the environment. From buildings to nature, she finds hidden details bypassed by everyday eyes. Her work includes subjects all over New England and beyond.

Zach Ingalls - Zach is an independent designer with a decade of experience. His love for Colonial New England is reflected in his design work. His firm, Take Command, LLC, is our rendering and consulting partner.

Company Mission Statement The purpose of the Preservation Collaborative is to facilitate, through both public and private partnerships, the documentation, preservation, promotion, education and advocacy of New England's irreplaceable historic resources for cultural, economic and educational benefits.

Company Legacy History To read an extended history and background of The Preservation Collaborative, Inc., click here.